Call For THEMATIC Listeners: What’s the biggest secret you’ve never told?   Friends, purveyors of thin (sometimes very thin) truths, I’m talking to you. I’m doing a show about secrets and lies. Be brave! You don’t have to be too brave, you can share anonymously. That’s right. Nobody will know it’s you. Not even me. (Okay, I’ll know…but I won’t tell anyone.) And consider this … It could feel good …

Genre Fiction Icon Alasdair Stuart — Professional Writers Series: Getting Better, Getting Paid

“The more you do it—I won’t say the easier it’ll become, but the level of difficulty will be something you’re much more comfortable with.”

—Alasdair Stuart

From Katrina With Love: Resources for Relief from Hurricane Harvey

For those in seeking resources, relief and recovery from Hurricane Harvey, and for those who want to help, there’s a comprehensive document online that’s being updated 24 hours a day with links and detailed information in this episode.

Eyes Wide Shut: Liberal Media’s Seduction of America—How To Reach Common Ground

How Liberal Media’s Seduction of America Led To A Presidential SNAFU and how we can reach common ground—according to Writer-Director Rob McCollum of the riveting audio drama TERMS, the solution is in the problem.

Missed Connections

Friends, would-be lovers, wishful, hopeful sisters and brothers have you ever met a stranger who you wanted to get to know but before you made your move, the moment was gone? Have you ever taken out an ad in the personals to try to make that connection because you just couldn’t get that beautiful stranger out of your mind? Come …

Share Your Supernatural Story!

Friends, adventurers, brave hearts, I’m looking for stories of the supernatural. Your stories, to be more precise, your experiences. Your own. Not your friend’s or your brothers, but those experiences that are uniquely your own on this wide ranging topic of the supernatural. Ghost stories, yes. But that’s not all. Tell me about the time you saw a UFO. Tell …

OMG Birthdays!

Friends, lovers, my party-hat-wearing sisters and brothers. I’m looking for people with birthdays. That’s you, listener. I have questions. You have answers. And I want you to share them. With me. With all of us. Professional magicians, strip-o-gram dancers, clowns I’m talking to you. If you perform at birthday parties, whether for children or adults, and you have an interesting …