Episode 05: Ties That Bind

Each one of us, in our own way, is idealistic but in practice, how much freedom do we really give others when it comes to being vocal with our opinions of another’s behavior, lifestyle or beliefs?

This week in Mollyville we hook up with none other than the notorious Goldie, the hooker with a heart of coal and pockets full of gold. She has definite ideas about her worth and isn’t willing to compromise an inch. Why should she?

After all we only get the respect we demand.

Musical features in this episode are “Lagos 2030 A.D.” by Otis McDonald and “Behind Closed Doors” by Otis McDonald. Additional sounds by Maxximillian Dafoe.

Special in this episode: A trailer from The Family Tree Podcast—A magical realist drama about family, belonging, change and identity. It’s a compelling mystery. The trailer plays after the outro, and I guarantee you’ll be intrigued. It’s one of my latest obsessions. There’s even a hotline to call with your own theories about what  happened to… well, I won’t spoil it. After the episode, stay and give a listen.

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