Mollyville Modern Radio Drama album cover image of a man looking out to a body of water in the distance. We can only see his silhouette. The episode title reads: Meet Bjørn Olsen; the tagline for this episode is, "Trouble exists only as we find it."

Welcome to Mollyville ☁ A Dystopian Suspense Audio Drama



Introducing the protagonist of the Mollyville Dystopian Fiction Podcast—a closer look at Bjørn Olsen, the man with a heart of gold and a dark past…

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If this is the first episode you’re listening to, go back and begin at the beginning. So much happens in each episode, I don’t want you to have left any scandalous morsel out. But if you’re still here with me, let me prime you with a few words…

☁        ☁       ☁

Our protagonist, Bjørn Olsen, is a married man who has gone through some hard times in his life but come through the flames – and cheated death – to finally have it all.

Bjørn is a psychopath—but in his golden-years of self-recovery… It’s been a real long time since Bjorn has done anything off. But that may be changing. His day to day existence is a happy one, he knows himself and he likes the man he sees in the mirror. But his family life has, over the years, become more and more complex.

He loves his wife, she’s smart, rich, funny and beautiful. They get along in a way he never thought was possible. They have kids but the kids are grown up now and (for the most part) they’re not around. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t hear what they get up to – and from what he’s hearing, Bjørn may have to resort to his old ways to clean house.

The Olsen family lives in a place called Mollyville, an idyllic seaside commune nestled in the green valley of a mountain range jutting out of the sea.

It’s a whole new world separated from ours not by the passage of time, but by distance, exclusion from world maps, and self-reliance.


Mollyville is completely off-the-grid.

Rich with cutting-edge technology and abundant in natural resources, Mollyville thrives as a self-policing, paradise community with beaches, cliffs, exotic forests and a system of unknowably vast subterranean caverns that extend beyond sight. Social media is a construct of the past. No emails. No smart phones. No telephones.

It’s a place full of expatriates—other people who, like Bjørn, needed a respite from the laws, rules and regulations that you and me and everyone we know is currently dealing with in life.


You could be anyplace in the world and here you are with me. I appreciate you.


Thank you for listening.

The music for this episode is “Direct to Video” by Chris Zabriskie