Irresistible Literary Fiction: Extraordinary Adventures In Ordinary Lives

Join Authors Jayme Beddingfield and Maxximillian Dafoe (Host of THEMATIC) as they discuss how genre popularity influences literary agents… and what it really means when an agent tells you that the genre you’ve written isn’t going to sell.

Author Jayme Beddingfield has been crafting stories since her third grade assignment to write her own fairytale. She has been writing professionally for five years. Originally from Northern New Jersey she now lives in Seattle, the city of her dreams. Her book The Highly Capable (The Ruby Dawson Saga) (Volume 1) is available for sale on Amazon. Listen to Jayme’s podcast Too Many Words on iTunes. If you’d like to hear more of Maxximillian and Jayme together, tap here to listen to Maxximillian’s appearance on Jayme’s Too Many Words podcast. We had such a good time together, we did it again—tap here to listen.  The full Thematic/Beddingfield Episode is coming soon. Subscribe on iTunes and you’ll be the first to hear it.

Author Maxximillian Dafoe—that’s me!— (Afterlife, Mollyville: Humble Beginnings, Daughter & The Snake) is the host of Thematic and an audio dramatist (Mollyville Dystopian Audio Drama, Award-Nominated Afterlife Paranormal Satire). Like every good business-minded writer should, I like to keep a pulse on the business of publishing as she works on my current creative do.