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From Katrina With Love: Resources for Hurricane Survivors


For those seeking resources, relief and recovery from Hurricane Harvey, and for those who want to help, there’s a comprehensive document online that’s being updated 24 hours a day with links and detailed information HERE.

The originator of this document is Cara Harpole, Texas business owner and former Hurricane Katrina refugee, who is taking this opportunity to give back to the city that gave her a place to call home when she was forced to abandon her home in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.

From Katrina With Love is Cara’s Facebook group that offers emotional support for hurricane survivors and a network of people who want to help.


Resources for relief — Post-Hurricane Harvey Recovery & Support Information

From Katrina With Love

Map of Hurricane Harvey Needs — Sketch City, for those seeking relief and for volunteers — this site has up to date maps and details on where to find shelter, services, also supply and volunteer needs for those who want to help.

Need help? Find shelters here.

About this guest: Cara Harpole of Askadinya Designs, founder of From Katrina With Love


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