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Conversations With Artists: Artist Jordyn Fishman Is Going To Paint Forever


Artist Jordyn Fishman unpacks her ArtPrize entry #65746 “Income Inequality, Imagine”

“Income Inequality, Imagine” is one of those pieces that you stand in front of and look at for a long time. I certainly did. It’s very large at 24 feet long, also there’s a lot of sh*t going on—it’s a scene—three scenes really. “Triptych” is the term she uses to describe the work.

A triptych is a work of art divided into three sections.

Here we are talking in Heartside Park—there is some background noise but as we’re in downtown Grand Rapids on a sunshiny afternoon, in front of the downtown marketplace (my favorite place in Grand Rapids) which is nestled between two busy overpasses, it couldn’t be avoided.

I hope you’ll think of it as I do: ambiance. It’s like you’re with us…


Do you see gentrification as the natural progression in the evolution of a city (like I do)?

Or do you see gentrification as undesirable in spite of the money and jobs it brings to a previously under-nourished area? If so, tell me: why the dim view?

Here’s a link to that Instagram post I was talking about—leave your comment here.

Why Instagram?

What better way for me to get to know you, right?



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