The Worst Thing People Do At Parties ( And It’s Not What You Think! )


Ever thought about being a stand-up comedian and wanted to know the best way to get started?

Join author-artist-performer Maxximillian Dafoe (that’s me!) and actor-comedian Eric Schwartz as we discuss strategy, how to create your own opportunities, and how to get started in standup (or what you might do to elevate what you’ve already got going on) right now, today, whether you are interested in getting on stage for the first time but want a roadmap of where to start, or you are already performing in comedy clubs and have dreams of making the jump from stage to screen.

Any person who likes stand-up comedy, musicians who post original songs to YouTube, musicians who are self-publishing and selling music through iTunes, actors who post self-produced videos on Vimeo or YouTube, comics at all levels, performing artists of any kind, everyone interested in performing or writing sketch comedy like Funny or Die — anyone who likes to laugh, this episode is for you!

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This is a teaser for the upcoming Thematic/Schwartz Episode. The full Thematic/Schwartz episode is coming soon.

Speaker: Eric Schwartz.

Music in order of occurrence…

  • “Mutations” by Small Colin
  • “Show Your Love” by Otis McDonald

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