Genre Fiction Icon Alasdair Stuart — Professional Writers Series: Writing Better, Getting Paid

“The more you do it—I won’t say the easier it’ll become, but the level of difficulty will be something you’re much more comfortable with.”

—Alasdair Stuart

various gears in shifting hues of radiant orchid to carnation pink; the word: THEMATIC

From Katrina With Love: Resources for Hurricane Survivors

For those in seeking resources, relief and recovery from Hurricane Harvey, and for those who want to help, there’s a comprehensive document online that’s being updated 24 hours a day with links and detailed information in this episode.

Award-nominated Afterlife paranormal satire Modern Radio Drama from Maxximillian Dafoe, the creator of the Mollyville dystopian fantasy series. For more from Maxximillian Dafoe visit; for podcasts visit

Afterlife Modern Radio Drama Episode 1: City of Angels

The city of angels is an ironic nickname for a town with a reputation for being full to the brim with liars, fakes and assholes. For a place praised for its many delights Angelinos seem to be on edge… This episode explores the WHY?