What does it look like to cultivate health? Finding Your Like-Hearted Community, a conversation with Levi Gardner of Urban Roots

  “Yes, I want to be empathetic to the pain in the world and bring about justice and restoration that’s not just about satisfying the aching of my own soul but that’s actually about living into redemption and reconciliation with all that is living.” — Levi Gardner Founder & Executive Director, Urban Roots Urban Roots is a small urban community …

Genre Fiction Icon Alasdair Stuart — Professional Writers Series: Getting Better, Getting Paid

“The more you do it—I won’t say the easier it’ll become, but the level of difficulty will be something you’re much more comfortable with.”

—Alasdair Stuart

various gears in shifting hues of radiant orchid to carnation pink; the word: THEMATIC

From Katrina With Love: Resources for Relief from Hurricane Harvey

For those in seeking resources, relief and recovery from Hurricane Harvey, and for those who want to help, there’s a comprehensive document online that’s being updated 24 hours a day with links and detailed information in this episode.

Episode 004: Secrets & Lies

Friends, purveyors of thin (sometimes very thin) truths, I’m talking to you.

I’m doing a show about secrets and lies.

Be brave! You don’t have to be too brave, you can share anonymously. That’s right. Nobody will know it’s you. Not even me. (Okay, I’ll know…but I won’t tell anyone.)

But consider this … It’ll feel good to get it off your chest. And we can all laugh about it, and cringe about it together and maybe, just maybe, your courage will inspire you to feel better about the lies we all tell and believe.

What’s the biggest lie you’ve told? Were you ever found out? Did you get flat busted in your lie? Now, I know what you’re thinking — Maxximillian, I’m not going to tell YOU the truth about my LIE — Are you crazy?

Well, maybe a little bit.

Visit writerandangelino.com/secrets and lies for details on how to share your story.