Step Up Your Career Game in 2017 Without Spending A Dime!

When I meet a new person and they ask what I do, they are oftentimes amazed at all the different hats I wear to bring to life my numerous creative projects. It may not come as a surprise but no university taught me the skills I use to write books, create art, podcast, compose music, or strategize. To say that I milked my skillset from The Internet would also be misleading. My secret (that I shout from the mountaintops whenever I see there's a chance someone may listen) is CreativeLive.

Even if you’re not in a line of business that you consider ‘creative’ you can learn skills and concepts from world-class experts who curate and share what they know on CreativeLive to boost your earning potential.

Want a promotion? Gift yourself with some new skills. Step up your game. Open new pathways in your mind, and you will be, do and have more than you've been able to in the past.  Learning and understanding leading-edge concepts will bleed into all areas of your work-related and personal life. You can even learn how to improve your communication skills and come away with practices and habits that work, immediately improving your interactions with coworkers — and even your boss.

Do you have a business? CreativeLive offers courses on Search Engine Optimization, and Marketing & Strategy that will improve your customer relationships, teach you how to think about branding, and why.

Are you a student? Dive into the Art & Design, and Communication courses to make your presentations really shine!

CreativeLive offers online courses on everything from Building a Brand Book: When, Why, & How  to Marketing Your Photography Business. There are courses on music, the music business, the business of music, and classes that deal specifically with the How-Tos of engineering, music recording and sound design like the Recording Rock Guitars Class.

By the end of your course, whichever you take, you'll have new information and new ideas. That's been my experience. I expect it'll be the same for you.

If you're low on funds, you can still benefit from the courses on offer, check out CreativeLive's Free On-Air Classes. These are a meaty rotation of courses you'd normally pay for that are currently free on CreativeLive. There are always Free On-Air Classes on CreativeLive. Each week, new classes are available and Free Upcoming Online Courses  are posted on the site so you can RSVP and make your plans to attend.

I highly recommend this, I put all the CreativeLive On-Air Classes that look interesting to me on my calendar with reminders so I don't miss out.

If a live classroom experience is what you're looking for, CreativeLive can fulfill that desire too.

CreativeLive courses are taught by people shining in their field. You'll learn from people like Tim Ferriss, Ira Glass, Matt Halpern, Steve Renne, and other people who have forged a path in their fields (and in life) and want to share what they know. All CreativeLive Classes are curated and taught by the world's leading experts.

There are over 1,500 classes on PhotographyArt & Design, Music & Audio, Money & Life, and Crafts. Whether your interests are in Music Production, Web & UX Design, Writing & Podcasting, Finance, growing your business, or enhancing your lifestyle by living a fuller life, CreativeLive has a series of classes that will tickle your interest and grease the gears in your mind. Check out the offerings at CreativeLive. Sign up for a free course or reserve your space for a live course — the remote live online experience is excellent. Whichever you choose, I hope you'll come back to my blog and let me know what course you took and how you liked it. Sharing the products, habits and practices that I find useful with other people looking to break new ground and enhance their lives is a passion of mine and hearing about your positive experiences as a byproduct of something I shared with you is my favorite part of that.

I'm looking forward to seeing you in the CreativeLive chat in the courses online.

With Love,