You create your own reality. Step out of time and into this metaphysical journey through futuristic Los Angeles through the eyes of a dead man walking, and a newly minted celebrity floating through Hollywood life on borrowed time.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you die? So has Jimmy, and today he’s going to find out.

After being asleep for more than twenty years, Jimmy Jennings, has awoken from a coma, dead, in Los Angeles. He’d been ready to go for a while, but now that he’s gone… Where does he go?

In a neighborhood across town, Karen, a young woman who has (finally, after years of doggedly pursuing her dreams) become a celebrity, struggles to shake off the last of her old habits of self-sabotage and vice. Pulled back into the fray by a surprise visit from Richard, a toxic but influential acquaintance who just won’t let go (especially now that Karen is famous), Karen accepts a bribe despite a niggle in the back of her mind that Richard isn’t to be trusted.

Old friends, past missteps and memories coalesce into an afterlife experience that leaves Karen and Jimmy wondering just how much of life as we know it is really real, and whether the truth about that is even important. Come and spend a day in the life … Afterlife.

The award-nominated Afterlife Modern Radio Drama is written, produced and performed by Maxximillian Dafoe. Based on the book AFTERLIFE, the second book in the Bedtime Stories for the Intellectually Adventurous series, currently available in the Amazon bookstore, coming soon to Audible, and iBooks in both electronic and audiobook format.

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While not overly explicit in nature, the story of AFTERLIFE employs dark humor and frank language.

It is intended for a mature audience.

For the best experience listen to the episodes in chronological order.

Afterlife Modern Radio Drama



Jimmy Jennings

Our protagonist, recently dead. Unsure how to crossover into the Afterlife and surprised to discover that an afterlife exists. Life after death is something he’d never even considered during his lifetime. Living on Sweetzer Avenue in Los Angeles, California near the Beverly Center.


Jimmy’s two-time flame, the one he let get away.

Rory Jennings

Jimmy’s dad. Neither a religious nor a spiritual man though he was raised with a family tradition of celebrating Christmas which is how he raised Jimmy, the Jennings family also celebrates Hanukkah to honor Jimmy’s mom, a ‘nice jewish girl’ from Beverly Hills.

Janine Jennings

Well-educated intellectual. Tolerates no bullshit. Encourages Jimmy, but isn’t pushy. Of her two sons, Jimmy is her favorite. Outraged when she learns the full extent of her eldest son Jesse’s low moral compass.


Jimmy’s brother, Rory and Janine’s eldest son — the proverbial wayward one. Older than Jimmy by more than ten years, Jesse and Jimmy have never had a close relationship. Selfish and self-destructive–ostensibly unintentionally, but really who can say? The two look so very much the same: a wise man arguing with a fool in the distance.


Jesse’s young wife. Another ‘nice Jewish girl’ from Beverly Hills. Newly twenty-six, freshly pregnant (again) and unhappily married to Jesse but hoping through couples therapy and the support of their families to heal their marriage and create a happy home environment for their kids to grow up in (like the one she had).

Mrs. Leventhal

Shauna’s mother, a wise heiress from a centuries-long bloodline of even longer money. Always dropping knowledge. Often catches Jimmy by surprise.


A newly minted celebrity living the dream life. Lives in an architectural masterpiece in Beverly Hills north of Sunset Boulevard, has a chauffeur. Publicly recognizable, Karen’s face is plastered on billboards everywhere in cities around the world. Self-aware and intelligent. Philanthropist.


Karen’s used-to-be best friend. Mercedes-driving attention-seeking narcissist. Impressed with herself for the cars she drives. Lives in the valley. Can’t stand Karen but determined to personally benefit from Karen’s access to celebrity.


The rap mogul of the future. Rich beyond anything Los Angeles has ever seen. Awards? He swept every category at every awards ceremony this year, and has got the swagger and the swag that only an undeniable monopoly on the rap game can provide.


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